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Janis Thomas             Chick Lit Grows Up
Two Weeks of Something New!
I tried Something New every day until my novel arrived on November 6.
DAY 1: Lunch with Monique at a restaurant I'd never been to before.
DAY 2: Princess Leia hair ALL DAY Thursday.
DAY 3: New cell phone-sometimes new things are a pain in the rear!
DAY 4: Oh my goodness--evil deliciousness in a jar.
DAY 5: Pumpkin Patch on Brookhurst in Fountain Valley.
DAY 6-Prying handcuffs off my daughter who thought they were a toy!
DAY 7-My first ever sign in a Barnes and Noble--Yeah!
DAY 8-pumpkin carving kit-knives both knives broke, but I finished! And a mom of one of my tick or treaters took a pic with her cell phone!
DAY 9- Gave my sis a shampoo in an actual professional hairstylist basin!
DAY 10 - Chocolate Cheddar from Trader Joe's! Yum! I should do an ad for that store!
DAY 11 - Saw a new movie, but more importantly, I stayed AWAKE during the movie!
DAY 12 - My book is on a bookshelf in an actual store in Seattle! So Cool!
DAY 13 - New look for my website!
DAY 14- My book came out today, and to celebrate, I wore these monster shoes!

​My Book Launch/Book Signing at Barnes and Noble Huntington Beach was a huge success!
Standing Room Only! And SOMETHING NEW sold out before the reading began. Jeanne, the event coordinator, who is fabulous, by the way, announced that in her six years, never before has a debut novel SOLD  OUT!!!
My hand is cramping, but I can't stop smiling!!!
Thanks, Barnes and Noble, and thanks, everyone, for your support!
My final "something new" before the book came out required a video! I'm lucky to be alive!
My SOMETHING NEW for December--Auditioning for the new CBS Amateur Baker Show!
​My Blog--Anonymous Soccer Mom-- won the Liebster Award! (Thank you for the nomination, Merrylandgirl) Click on the Heart to read more...